API Development

With a strong background in the MERN stack, I offer expert backend development using Node.js and Express. I specialize in creating secure, high-performance APIs and robust authentication systems using JWT, alongside database integration with MongoDB and MySQL. Whether enhancing existing systems or building new ones, I ensure your backend solutions are efficient and tailored to your business needs.

What I Offer as a Backend Developer



We start by understanding your specific backend needs, defining project scope, and selecting the right technologies for robust and scalable solutions.



Development of server-side logic using Node.js and Express, alongside secure API creation and database integration with MongoDB and MySQL for comprehensive backend functionality.



Rigorous testing to ensure functionality, security, and performance standards are met, followed by performance optimization to enhance speed and responsiveness.



Launching the backend system into a production environment with full support for any immediate adjustments, followed by ongoing maintenance to ensure continuous operation and updates.

Tech I Use for Creating Backend Applications

As a seasoned backend developer, I leverage cutting-edge technologies to build scalable, secure, and efficient applications. Below is a detailed look at the key tools and frameworks that I utilize to deliver top-notch backend solutions tailored to meet your business needs.

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